Compliance Solutions for Small Lenders

Payday lenders who have survived the onslaught of class action suits, consumer advocate attacks, and regulatory, legislative, and media criticism, know that having all of their “i’s dotted and t’s crossed” is crucial to minimizing adverse action against their businesses. Compliance with Regulation Z and other Federal and State laws is essential to a healthy existence. We can assist with your compliance efforts by providing advice on your loan documentation, software, and policies and procedures.

Frequently, a “disconnect” occurs between the approved forms provided by legal counsel and the actual documents being printed in the store. Software defects are more prevalent than one may think, and often produce inaccurate disclosures of APR's. Many payday lenders use generalist lawyers to review specialized regulations, sometimes with unacceptable results. Additionally, attention needs to be given to store signage, advertising, collections, and the manner in which customer phone inquiries are handled.

USASI has a strong understanding of the various federal laws and regulations that impact your business and can identify potential risk/exposure in your operations.

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